Curriculum: Language

Curriculum: Language

SCELS offers a multi-sensory approach to Language.  This includes Jolly Phonics/Grammar, Handwriting Without Tears and various support programs.  Our Language program is based on a Balanced Literary approach.  

Handwriting Without Tears

This unique program’s purpose is to make handwriting an automatic and natural skill for children of all ability levels. Children who can write well, with ease and confidence, enjoy school more and feel more pride in their work. Handwriting Without Tears makes handwriting fun and easy to learn.

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar

Our Jolly Phonics program provides a structured learning tool which the children really enjoy. This phonics program introduces 42 main letter sounds, followed up with activity sheets and games for reading and spelling. Each letter is taught with a story and related actions for the children to perform. This multi-sensory approach is a very effective way of teaching for all learning styles.

Jolly Grammar is an extension of the Jolly Phonics program. This program teaches a wide variety of language forms including the parts of speech, plurals, punctuation and the tenses past, present and future. It also teaches various spelling rules, including defining aspects such as short vowels. Building upon the Jolly Phonics lessons, our Jolly Grammar program provides advanced learning in the world of grammar.

Children will complete activity sheets at school before taking them home. We encourage you to review these sheets with your child throughout the year.

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