Curriculum: Primary Program

Curriculum: Primary Program

The mission of St. Clement’s Early Learning School’s Primary program is to develop young men for the world of tomorrow. We want them to have enriching experiences in everything from sports to fine arts in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our aim is to:

  • Build confidence in our boys
  • Promote leadership skills
  • Help them achieve high quality individual academic and social experiences

Leadership skills are developed through our Leaders program.

The boys will participate in the lunch program, reading program and mentoring of our younger students

The boys will lead morning announcements, school assemblies and other school-wide initiatives.


The primary program’s important benefit is its individual programming. The enriched curriculum – taught by Ontario College of Teachers certified educator(s) – is designed to align with an individual’s academic level. The curriculum includes independent studies, research driven projects, athletics and technological studies.

Social Skills Development

Each of the boys work on various areas of social development. Their teachers work with them to further identify their personal learning styles and strategies. They are taught efficient ways to plan, to organize, as well as ways to develop and maintain study skills. Additionally, they attend workshops presented by “Now You’re Talking”, which enhance their skills in communication and presentation.


The curriculum at SCELS is not driven by technology. Instead, it is guided by the needs of our students. Our students are taught about the uses of various technological devices as they relate to them in the real world. The boys will explore and use computers, and iPads to enhance their learning. They will also be taught about how to be an ethical user.

Physical Education & Activities

We recognize the need for a well-rounded and balanced physical education curriculum. The Primary school program schedule has been designed to allow for daily opportunities for physical education, both in the gym and outside. The boys learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, health and nutrition. As well, they are exposed to a wide variety of sports and learn component skills for each one. Each term, specialized coaches lead the class in developing gross motor and athletic skills in a positive, non-competitive format. Community visits to the local park for field games and skating, as well as frequent trips to a professional gymnasium further enhance the boys’ physical education experiences.

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